Summer Holidays Skincare Routine

We wanted to call this article summer skincare routine….But here in the UK we’re having a lot of strange weather to call it summer for the last month, which apparently is supposed to be the hottest summer (tabloids promise this every June for the last 5 years at least). So we decided to call it summer holidays skincare routine as most people are having summer breaks during August. This is a perfect time to discuss how to take care of your skin when it’s hot and sunny outside.

Try these 4 summer skincare ideas in practice and be prepared for everyone to ask what your beauty secret is:

We do love and support the double cleansing method but for summer most people would want to have some sort of de-greasing cleanser that will break down excess sebum. Not all of us would like to use oil during the summer, especially people with oily skin. So we still want you to double cleanse, but using Manyo Factory Moist Floral Water Cleanser and Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam. The light formulation will help to remove make up, the daily build-ups and dead skin cells in a seconds.


Taking off the top, dead layer of skin cells helps you to reveal a brighter complexion, but it might also make your skin more sensitive to the sun as a result hyperpigmentation and fine lines can appear. We prefer not to use heavy-duty acid (Aha’s and Bha’s) exfoliators during the hot weather. Add a gentle herb based peel such as Active Refresh Herb Peel by Manyo Factory to your summer holidays skincare routine and stick to once a week. It will help you remove dead skin mixed with sweat and sebum and avoid getting clogged pores.

summer holydays skincare


Forget those skin-stripping liquids that contain mainly alcohol to dry out skin pretending to clean it. Korean toners use gentle botanical ingredients and essential oils that are not harsh for your skin. Can you imagine using one product to tone up, hydrate and sooth your skin? During the summer time you don’t need to use heavyweight hydration as overall air is quite humid so you can get away with just a lightweight toner.  “7 Skin Method,” a multi-application toner technique, is the latest K-beauty trend. Korean “Skin” means the literal translation for the toner, so you can call our skincare routine innovation “7 Toner Method”.
In practice just pour a small amount of toner into the palm of your hands and pat it onto the skin, reapply the same amount 7 times. Helpful tip: start with 2-3 application and build up to the full amount during 3-4 days. Don’t use an acid toner though, they are absolutely not suitable for this technique.

Try out 7 skin method with SCINIC My Toner Rose and your summer holidays skincare routine will never be the same! Bottom line: you can cut down on the moisturiser during a hot weather whilst using a toner.


Who wants to wear make up during the summer holidays when ur at the sea side…almost no-one. This is the time for your skin to have a break from all these heavy silicone compounded products. The only thing you must not forget to apply before going out is SPF or sunscreen. We found the ideal one for this summer!!! SCINIC Enjoy Aqua Cooling Sun Cushion SPF 50+ pa+++ will not only protect your skin from a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB but will hydrate and nourish it at the same time as well as even your skin tone. It also has a cooling effect to keep you fresh during those hot summer days and contains natural ingredients which are always good for your skin!

As it is created in the form of a cushion it is very easy to reapply especially if you have still decided to wear BB cream or foundation, you can just pat it on the top of your make up when needed.


Hope our advice on your summer holidays skincare routine will help you enjoy your time away to the max!!!