Sheet Mask Tips

Sheet masks are a huge Korean Beauty trend along with BB creams which have taken over the hearts and faces of ladies all over the world. Sheet masks have been a skincare staple in Asia for a very long time, but it has taken the rest of the world a while to catch on and realise exactly how amazing they are!!!! There isn’t a celebrity out there who has not posted a sheet mask selfie on their social media accounts. The sheet masks get their name because of their remarkable resemblance to the Phantom of the Opera’s go-to accessory!  Masks consist of sheet (which can be presented in different materials such as cotton, hydrogen, bio cellulose and microfiber) saturated in essence or serum and are used as a skin treatment. They are super-easy to use: just put on and go.

But here at Bloomskincare we have a few tips to help you achieve the best results using a sheet mask:

Sheet Masks come not only in different packaging and shapes  but also consist of different ingredients and claim different results—lifting, preventing acne, hiding fine line. They are possibly the best beauty tool to hydrate your skin. So choose one that suits your skins particular needs that day. Looking a bit dull? Opt for a brightening one. Dry patches? Pop on a hydrating one.  Breakouts and irritation? Use a soothing one. Remember, what is good for one skin type can be destructive to another.

After applying the sheet mask check what is left inside the pack. We bet you’ll find lots of essence leftovers. This is absolutely great to use on your neck and chest,  as well as on any other dry skin areas all over your body. Be brave and go ahead! You will be surprised with an amazing moisturising affect!

A sheet mask should be used after the cleansing and toning steps of your skincare routine. A lot of people use them during flights or while travelling because they’re so portable. Unlike traditional masks that must be rinsed off with water, you can just remove the sheet and tap the remaining serum into your skin. It is great base for upcoming products in your skin care routine.

Check out our fabulous range of sheet masks here and do it right: no fuss application, relax for 15-20 min, no rinsing, just tap tap tap …