pregnancy skincare

We are frequently asked about skincare products that are not only safe to use during pregnancy but are also effective. So we’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to all mothers-to-be for sake of their inner peace. 

During pregnancy your skin needs extra care – blame your hormones. You can’t predict what skin concern will appear in these nine magical months: breakouts, dryness, puffiness or pigmentation. During pregnancy your skin is commonly more sensitive. We recommend simple solutions, less active ingredients and uncomplicated compounds.

To help you navigate throughout pregnancy we’ve created a skincare guide for expecting mums. Please read it until the end because we’re going to mention important cautions that you must avoid during baby bump and lactation period. 


Increased photosensitivity and hormones which stimulate pigment, can become a cause of discolouration or dark patches on your face, also known as hyperpigmentation. However, it often fades after pregnancy.
Studies show that products containing a glycolic acid in certain percentages (don’t go over 8%, as these products will be classified as for professional use only and can be used only by aesthetician) can be beneficial in treating hyperpigmentation, and they are safe to use in pregnancy. 
It’s extra important to wear a high factor (50) sunscreen with both UVB/UVB protection. We recommend to avoid using chemical SPF, and choose physical sun blocks instead, containing zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. 

Products to choose: Galactomy clear skin toner, Aqua Cooling Sun Cushion SPF 50+ ,Object D’art Tension Pact SPF 50+

Hormonal acne

Mix of hormones, an increase in oil secretion and anxiety added a lot of ladies may experience breakouts more often than usual. Especially around the chin, forehead and cheeks. You must stay away from traditional acne remedies containing benzoyl peroxide, retinol and salicylic acid. 

Vitamin A known as retinol is great for speeding up cells turnover, but have been linked to liver intoxication and birth child defects, therefore it is best to avoid this during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Look for gentle, paraben and sulphates free mild low pH daily cleansers. Avoid products containing alcohol and fragrance which can worsen inflammation. Look for Centella Asiatica or ingredients derived from it, like
Madecassoside in the list of ingredients. As it famous for its calming, soothing and antibacterial properties. 

Products to choose: THE SIMPLE Mild Foam CleanserThe Simple Daily Lotion, Dual rubber Soothing mask

Increased redness

The amount of blood in your body can almost double when you pregnant. It stimulates tiny blood vessels on the woman’s face, instead of healthy glow you will be affected by hot flushes and increased redness. It can also provoke rosacea appearance or deteriorate if you’re already suffering from it.

Fantastic properties of probiotics can be that magic wand to reduce redness, calm your skin and provide protection. Probiotics helps to manage rosacea as well. Aloe Vera can aid your skin to cool down. 

Products to choose: Bifidalacto complex, Bifidalacto cream, Active Refresh Herb Peel 

Drier than normal skin

A lot of women experience change in skin oil and hydration balance during pregnancy. While some of them complain about oilier skin, others skin becomes dry. Some people say that all water goes to the baby first therefore women face dehydration. 

Along with drinking water add watery vegetables and fruits to your diet during pregnancy, such as green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon. We advise to try 7 skin method using hyrating toner. 

Products to choose: Hyaluronic acid ampouleHyaluronic acid hydrating toner


Almost each lady face swelling issues as a part of pregnancy. Puffiness caused by additional blood and fluid called edema, can be really annoying. We can’t offer you a salvation for whole body, but we definitely know what can be beneficial to your face. Give your preference to hydrogel masks and patches. Keep them in the fridge before applying. You will be pleasantly surprised with results. 

Products to choose: Sea cucumber & Black Hydrogel Eye Patch. Roselle tea eye gel patches,  Dual rubber masks 

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During pregnancy ensure not to use a large amount of essential oils. Inside beauty products their doze is safe. However in its pure form it can be harmful for future mums. Try to avoid using them, especially tea tree and rosemary oil during the pregnancy. 

Need to mention that many ladies that fight with wrinkles and fine lines are using botox injections which are forbidden during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. To help yourself fight this concern you need to choose hydrating anti-ageing skincare which is collagen, hualuronic acid and peptides based. 

Whether you’re aiming perfect pregnancy glow, or you need a little extra support, look for mild, but effective skincare that will soothe, nourish and protect your skin.