K-beauty secrets

Have you ever noticed how Korean women have noticeably flawless skin all the time??? Their complexion is smooth and pure, almost like porcelain (doll like), some people say good genetics help with this. But we also believe that this is because they have an excellent skin care ritual that is unlike anyone else, with many stages in it that helps to keep their skin healthy, smooth and glowing. So we thought, why not share with our customers k-beauty secrets so you can achieve the same flawless results.

Korean women usually take around 15 mins to clean their face to become free of cosmetics or other environmental factors in the morning and evening. (Quick fact: it was actually the Koreans who invented hydrophilic oils that are capable of removing any & even the most persistent cosmetic products!!).

* 1st use a hydrophilic oil to remove any impurities and make up.
* 2nd use a soft cleansing foam
* 3rd use a moisturising tonic to prevent dryness and improve complexion.

Korean women don’t tend to use the classic foundation creams for reason such as, they can clog, cause dryness and do not contain the sufficient number of nutrients that your skin needs. Where as the BB creams are a hybrid version of moisturisers and are the main top seller within the Korean cosmetics market. You definitely can name a BB cream one of the k-beauty secrets. In Korean beauty industry new things are produced every few seasons, so Korean women frequently change their beauty/skincare range so that their skin doesn’t get used to one particular product. This leads to the skin being more susceptible to new ingredients.

Some of us are guilty of loving the sun, wanting the glorious glowing tanned skin, but we are also guilty of not using the correct or right amount of SPF protection, which can then lead to numerous problems for our skin. Korean women really do not like the sun, not only do they value their white porcelain skin,  there is a problematic relationship between the sunlight and wrinkles. This is a proven fact!! Korean women/girls are afraid of wrinkles!! so SPF protection is a must when it comes to any Korean creams, BB creams and many other beauty/cosmetic tools.

If you think k-beauty secrets, you think sheet masks! This is one of the most popular tools within the K-Beauty industry, masks are usually made from cotton and contain many natural extracts.  Masks help to restore moisture to your skin, and give it the much needed nutrition. These masks can be used numerous times a week and many women use them every evening to keep there skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Oils…oils…oils… Korean women love to use oils on their skin, either applied under a cream, mixed within there daily beauty products or used as a mask to give added care and protection. The oils leave the skin smooth, looking luminous and super hydrated.

This is a sacred part of the k-beauty ritual, serums and essences are mainly composed of Algae, Marine Collagen and many other natural ingredients. These products are used every evening, within the beauty routine, used in the correct order, results will speak for them selves. The sequence of use is as follows, serum, oil, moisturiser. You can never have enough care for your skin!!

Peeling is an essential part in the K-beauty routine and can be done up to 3 times a week. Korean women are obsessed with rejuvenating the skin and peeling is a part of this, helping to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance.

I think we can all agree that Korean women know the best way to care for skin, from cleansing to peels the results tell us and show us all that their routine is one that should definitely be followed, they have fairly tight, elastic skin, not prone to wrinkles, and a youthful, porcelain doll like appearance!

So ladies if there is one new year trend you should try, we suggest  the K-beauty secrets to help improve the appearance and health of your skin.