Eye masks and patches – quick relief for tired eyes

eye masks for tired eyes

We all love pandas, we find them extremely cute, don’t we? Maybe that’s the reason many celebrities and beauty bloggers often post their selfies wearing the brilliant hydrogel eye masks on Instagram.

What are these under eye masks all about I hear u asking? Hydrogel itself is a natural or synthetic network. It is highly absorbent and due to significant water content its level of flexibility is very close to natural tissue. The term hydrogel was mentioned in literature for the first time in the second half of 19th century. Nowadays hydrogels are commonly used in agriculture, medicine, healthcare and the beauty industry. Contact lenses, breast implants, dressings for healing of burns, disposable nappies for babies are all made with the help from hydrogel. Skincare products are also benefiting from hydrogel, beautiful women all around the world use hydrogel masks and patches. Using these eye patches will help you look great for any special occasion, they are also a magic, handy tool for people who are travelling a lot, have long flights, late nights, busy scedules and have not had enough sleep.

Beauugreen hydrogel eye patchesA good eye mask must do 5 essential things: brighten the skin under eyes, reduce puffiness, help to minimise fine lines, hydrate and firms the skin. Hydrogel eye treatments are generally charged full with skin plumping and loving ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, vitamin C, caffeine and colloidal gold. These ingredients will definitely help refresh your look.

Had a long day and sleepless night, need to look fresh for an important meeting or a date, seek out a pair of these amazing eye patches before you apply tons of concealer to mask the damage! These easy to use and perfectly shaped products will rejuvenate the skin under your eyes, promissing wide-awake and younger-looking results in less than an hour. Just apply it onto clean skin and leave it for 30-40 minutes. You can stay active while wearing these, but most people find it more comfortable and relaxing to lay down or sit. After you have done the time,  remove patches and tap any serum leftovers with your fingers.

At Bloomskincare we have chosen amazing paraben and mineral oil free hydrogel eyepatches by BeauuGreen for you: COLLAGEN & GOLD EYE PATCHES and SEA CUCUBER & BLACK HYDROGEL EYE PATCHES. These little fellows do a fantastic job by hydrating and toning your under eye area, reviving puffy tired looking eyes, delivering an instant lift.

Relying entirely on eye masks isn’t an excuse to cut corners on your sleep or put youself on a high-sodium diet. But if you need a quick temporary fix for dark circles and puffiness, you know the brand and product to choose. And please don’t forget to share a panda-eyes selfie on your Instagram account!