Bifidalacto complex Serum

When we talk about Korean skincare routine, we always think about the 10 recommended steps, which include applying essence, serum and ampoule. But what exactly are these products all about, what is the difference between them and how do you use them the right way?


What is an essence? This lightweight fluid texture product is called one of the main Korean beauty routine steps. Korean ladies never skip the essence. Its traditionally used after a toner to add extra hydration and prepare the skin for more concentrated products and active ingredients. However, nowadays beauty brand formulators create thicker essences, which contain high concentrations of active ingredients almost at the level of serum. Both these fabulous products are used to achieve much of the same/identical results.

Essences make your skin glowing, most of them contain antioxidants for extra care and plumper skin.


Serum is a popular skin care product these days. It is more concentrated than essences and has a thicker, a bit oily (but it is still water based) consistency which doesnt stop it from absorbing quickly into the skin though.

Normally, serums havent got a long list of components, from which main key powerful ingredients address specific concerns like acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and etc. Often it comes in glass bottles, which are equipped with a dropper or pump to dispense the product.


Ampoules are very close relatives of essences and serums. An ampoule is a boosted serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients that you’re meant to use for a short period of time, usually when you need to treat a certain skin condition or for when you have ‘bad skin’ days. Ampoules are loved by beauty therapists, as just a few drops of it have almost immediate, noticeable results.

How to use

* First, don’t panic and make the right choice. Figure out what your skin needs. Read a label. Don’t ignore the full list of ingredients!

* Try out different textures to see what your skin prefers: light, thicker or more lotion type. All products can be used following the Korean 10 steps routine or you can choose one and implement it in your basic skin care regiment. Trust your skin!

* No matter how many products you use, you should always know their application order: start with the most watery product and move towards the richest one. This way you can’t go wrong with confusing the 10 steps routine and misleading product names.

* Finally, don’t forget about the golden rule: cleanse-tone-moisturise. Whatever you use, always lock all these wonderful ingredients in your skin by using a moisturiser which will work as a natural barrier and provide protection for your skin.

Why do we love essences, serums and ampoules?

All in all, we believe that these skincare products are absolutely amazing beauty tools for treating your skin. Essences, serums and ampoules contain smaller molecules than any moisturiser. Due to this fact they can penetrate into deeper skin layers and deliver a high concentration of powerful ingredients!