cushion compact and a girl

When you think about K-beauty make up the first thing comes across your mind is BB cream. Imagine if you packed your favourite BB – cream in a compact and use a sponge to apply it when you need to touch up, whenever and wherever you are. Brilliant! This is exactly what Koreans have done and again won a competition for the best beauty invention. Cushion Compacts can be found in every diva’s makeup bag! 

What exactly is it?

Essentially, a cushion compact is a liquid formula that is held by a sponge called a cushion. It is housed in a small flat case called a compact, which is equipped with a mirror and makeup puff. 

Cases for cushion compacts can be found in plenty of different shapes, however most of the Korean brands prefer to stick to the classic round one. We need to mention that the liquid used in cushions can vary as well, for example, it can be cc or bb cream, foundation or even just a sunscreen. You can choose the cushion compact according to your needs. 


Cushion compacts are a great makeup tool because it gives you a natural looking finish, so called ‘no makeup’ makeup. However, if you require something more dramatic cushions can be helpful too. You’re in absolute control of the coverage of your skins needs thanks to this cushion and a special puff that goes together. You can apply as many layers as you need. 
Compacts are obviously super convenient in terms of application and transportation. You can always top up, fix, adjust your makeup throughout the day and for something even more exciting you can do this without actually touching your face with your fingers. We find it extremely hygienic. Plus, due to packaging , its guaranteed to never spill or leak into your bag.

Slight caution – please ensure to wash your little puff, which you’re using to apply a coushion at least once a week in soapy water. Although many brands state you that their puffs and sponges have antibacterial surface, they still can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
An additional big fat plus of Korean cushion compacts is that they always have skincare properties instead of being just a makeup tool. They’re formulated to suit every skin concern, amazing natural ingredients help look after your skin. For Example, Portulaca Oleracea Extract soothes your skin and acts as an antioxidant. Evening primrose oil in cushions can aid to lighten the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation or any dark spots.

cushion compact and flowers

How to use?

The cushion compact provides a mess-free way to apply foundation. Just push down the formula-saturated cushion with a sponge to release the foundation, then tap it onto your skin until you’ve reached your preferred level of coverage. 

Why do we love it?

For someone who doesn’t like thick, cakey, streaky foundations, K-beauty cushion compact is the right choice.They leave your skin with a natural, dewy-looking finish in just few seconds – quick and easy. 

Western brands adopted idea of cushion compacts, but most of them can be either poor quality or quite pricey. The only dark side of Korean cushion compacts is alack of shades as normally they come in light beige or natural beige colours.

Despite this fact we absolutely love them and invite you to try out these amazing products!