Korean Face Masks as a Gift

This time of the year it’s always about giving, but sometimes giving can be quite expensive! We have an amazing ideas for your stockings! Whether you’re looking for something little for your colleagues, doing Secret Santa with friends, looking to surprise your mum or even hubby. Choose Korean face masks. You can’t go wrong!

Why choose Korean Face Masks as a gift?

* Best quality. Koreans are obsessed with skincare and especially face masks. They have an amazing wide range to choose from. Lovely nontoxic natural ingredients that play a key role in the compound of these masks.

* Face masks are suitable for any gender and age. Have you ever had a face mask date or tried to mask as a duet with mum or your bestie? Give it a go. You can always find a mask which you can enjoy together.

*Fighting different skin problems. We all have individual skin needs. Someone who may need a deep cleansing, another one a bucket of hydration, or aiming for lifting effect. You always can find a right face mask for targeting your personal skin concerns

*Affordability. We all know (or can imagine) how renewed your feel after luxury spa treatment. However sometimes these treatments can be really overpriced. You can treat your skin with a face mask at the comfort of your own home without spending a fortune.

* Mobility. Have you ever experienced a dehydration on your skin after a long flight or journey? First aid in this situation is a face mask. You can use it on board during your flight, or driving a car. You can take your favourite mask to gym and use it after an intensive work out. Basically it can go with you wherever you go.

Korean Face Masks as beauty gifts

At our website we have a range of Korean face masks UNDER £10.00 which can be magical addition to your Christmas stocking fillers list.

Alginate masks – this is a professional salon treatment that provides a fast and impressive beauty results. Koreans were the first ones to offer alginate masks for home use. Alginate face masks made from marine algae and calcium sulfate. When mixed with water these two powders make hydrocolloid gel, which transfer active ingredients deep into skin.
We have 2 types of alginate masks:
1. Dual Rubber Masks which include serum and compressed premade alginate sheet.
2. All-in-one Modelling Masks – classical powder version of alginate treatment enriched with active natural ingredients such as Charcoal, Spirulina, Hyaluronic Acid. Mix with water and it’s ready to use.

Hydrogel masks – These masks made from thin transparent hydrogel which
adjusts to the contours of the face better, hydrates and increases absorption of the skin-loving ingredients. Due to Hydrogel these masks have refreshing and depuffing properties. For better results put it in the fridge before using. Choose our Galactomyces Wrap Mask or Bifidalacto Wrap Mask.

Sheet masks – At the moment we have available a Blending Herb White Tea mask. This plant-based sheet mask has excellent porosity and makes your skin feel comfortable as it gently adheres without the stuffy feel.

Happy Holidays!