BB creams

Today we wanted to talk about the part of beauty industry where skincare meets make-up. Nowadays there are amazing products that not only cover your skin imperfections and making your skin tone even, whilst taking care of your skin. We are talking BB creams. Let’s learn what is all about!

BB is short for blemish or beauty balm. You won’t believe but the first BB cream was introduced in Germany in the middle of 20st century by dermatologist Christine Schrammek. She was using it on her clients after chemical peel treatments to sooth, calm and cover redness of the skin.

But most of this invention has been made by Korean ladies. The all-in-one beauty product became popular in late 80’s in South Korea and then spread throughout Asia. You need to remember that the average Korean woman goes through 10 steps of skin care routine, so BB cream was a sensation in Korean beauty industry that could help to shorten every day skincare regiment.

How exactly does BB cream work?

BB Cream is a hybrid of moisturiser, foundation and SPF, as well it can be used as a primer. When it comes to skin care, you can use Beauty Balms that contain different ingredients such as:

Anti-aging, including vitamins A, E, and C, and peptides

Moisturising, like hyaluronic acid, beta glucan and glycerine.

Arbutin and Licorice that aid to even out your skin tone

Almost all Beauty Balms offer broad-spectrum sun protection, if you would follow the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendations we must use daily. BB creams normally contain physical sunblocks such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

Our Herbal fresh moist BB cream contains 99.9% of natural ingredients including:
– Aloe, which reduce skin inflammation
– Lavender, which has ability to clean your skin from toxins
– Green tea, that helps to fight acne
– Rosemary, that has properties to kill harmful bacteria and viruses

Manyo Factory BB creams

More BB Facts:

*BB creams always are a bit thicker than tinted moisturisers
*BB creams are lighter in shades than foundation. Korean brands normally do 2 shades which is 21- light beige and 23 which is natural beige

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BB Beauty Tip

Beauticians would recommend BB creams to people with normal to oily skin who don’t suffer with acne and don’t need additional hydration. But if you fancy using a Beauty Balm and have dry skin you can always apply a light essence or serum to keep your skin moisture level balanced and after apply your favourite BB cream.

Also Blemish Balm can be a miracle for people who has post acne scars. You can use it instead of primer under lightweight foundation to camouflage pigmentation and scars. It can help you to achieve full coverage without using heavy make up products that looks like a mask on your face.

BB creams might not replace every product in your skin care routine, but your skin can definitely benefit from using them. It will easily help you to get that flawless no make up make up look! Give it a go!