Asian Double Cleansing starts from Geisha's Time

Today we want to talk to you about Asian double cleansing – these are the key stages of a typical Korean skincare routine. Did you know that going to sleep with makeup on can age your skin up to 7 times faster? Asian women devote a lot of attention and time to their facial cleansing routine and do it in these two simple steps:

1. washing with a cleansing oil or cream 

2. washing with a foam, gel or face soap 

This tradition is very old and gets its roots from as far back as the Geisha’s times,  when girls make up was very complicated, and applied as a thick layer on the whole face. Oil was used to remove this thick layer of make up and then after was washed off using soap to get rid of the oil traces.

Nowadays beauty therapists and dermatologists all over the world consider the Asian skincare routine as the most effective and advice you to double cleanse the skin using the Asian method. By doing this you will achieve amazing results: the cleansing oil will dissolve makeup (which, by the way, has an oily base) , then its time to use a foam (which is water based) this will do the finishing cleansing and care touches. Oil most of the time contains only natural botanical ingredients and can suit any skin type. Foam choice should be done according to your skin condition and it can contain different remedial extracts, soda, charcoal, Hyaluronic acid and so on.

We can hear you asking what do each of these steps of the Asian double cleansing routine look like. Please see below:

1. Using a few drops of the cleansing oil on dry facial skin and around the eye area,( you can even remove waterproof mascara with it). Apply with dry hands and massage it all over your face, wet your hands a little bit and keep massaging, just to let you know,  you can do a mind blowing anti-ageing massage with many cleansing oils. After interacting  the water with the oil it will change colour and will have a bit of a soapy texture, like a light emulsion.  After, we rinse it with water, the oil will not leave a film/ sticky feeling and will not stay on the skin. We recommend to use Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil for this step of routine. This light multitasking cleanser effectively treats blackheads and doesn’t block pores.

Asian double cleansing: pure cleansing oil


2. Second step is the foam or gel. Asian ladies do not apply it straight to the face. They use special nets or foam makers or even their hands to whip up a lot of bubbly foam. Try it once and you will never go back to your traditional way of applying a gel face wash. It is really fun! Also the idea of it is to minimise the hands to face contact and massage the face exceptionally well with the foam. Its believed that foam is getting into the pores easier and cleans all dirt more gentler and more delicately. On top of that, using such a bubbly foam routine is a very pleasant thing, and should all adapt this to our daily routine, and all you have to do is just rinse off with water.  We recommend to use Deep Pore Cleansing Foam by Manyo Factory at this stage. This creamy foam cleanser penetrates deep into the pores without over-drying your skin and removes make up, traces of oil and other impurities.

Asian doble cleansing: foam cleanser

Here at Bloomskincare we hope we have made this double cleansing routine clear for you and after reading this you definitely will give this Asian double cleansing a go for yourself at home.